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The first principle of mastery is SEPARATION, from which we can explore the further concepts of departure, misanthropy, and desperation:

Sub-Concept 1. Departure

The master must leave all others, must withdraw from the everyday world and abandon the reality of the crowds. He must establish a sanctuary at far distances, somewhere in the hills, the caves, the subterranean lairs, a remote island, desert, jungle, or sea. Desolate landscapes where he can buy time to think, buy time to reinvent himself, time to transform into something more than what was allowed before. It is in this seclusion, this nowhere, that he becomes a phantom-being of different proportions, a horrendous or beautiful shadow, and starts to plot his eventual return to the world, both in hostility and in ecstasy.

Example 1. The Old Man of the Mountain

To better imagine the ideas of…

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