“INTRODUCTION” (Master Video Series)

Online Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RT3eSpOpBDU

Video Text:

Some might say we no longer live in an age of masters, as if they have somehow disappeared from our cosmos and from the metallic reality of our time. They were the ones of miraculous abilities, those who held certain otherworldly features, like no others, beyond all others, able to control the pathways of delirium, cruelty, hallucination, rumor, healing, and doom.

Above all else, though, the masters understood the many layers of secrecy, and thus they formed the great sects of past centuries. Underground societies, forbidden aristocracies, rebel cadres, cult gatherings, urban gangs, martial arts orders, avant-garde movements, criminal outfits, and mystical circles.

These masters and their alliances wore many masks, and their gifts to enchant the world were beyond measure…at once visionaries, liars, sorcerers, thieves, seducers, and assassins. And still, their obscure ways are something that can be grasped; they are fused together by highly specific and…

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