As the endless autopsies of the 2016 election continue to pour in, what is clear is that the left needs a new organizing message. Luigi Zingales warns us against attacking the man in order to focus…

Source: Patriotism as an Ideology

As I read the title and the first paragraph of this short article, the often repeated words, “the left needs a new organizing message” immediately hit me. How is it that a political partisan (whether of the left or the right) can say these words and at the same time claim honesty, or in any event, at least some measure of genuine concern about those for whom the message  should be forged? The question is, if the self proclaimed messenger does not even know the message he’s supposed to bring, what claim to leadership does that person have to begin with? Answer: only the desire to lead. The insincerity of today’s political vision is utterly manifest, nowhere more so than in its lack of a vision. I suppose one could write volumes raving about this, but then again, what’s the point? I’d rather change the subject. So, what should we talk about?